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Sport for life certified label


The Sport for Life Certfied label is born from our experiences with the program le Mini Sport. Its goal is simple: to spread the values and rules of politeness, respect, and good behavior as widely as possible among youth participating in sports clubs of all types.


The Sport for Life Certfied label was born of our experience, especially with the Petit Sport method. Given the success of Petit Sport and the observation that in today’s society points of reference for young people are sometimes lacking, we felt the need to create the  label to help today’s youth, who will become tomorrow’s adults.


The document central to the Sport for Life Certfied label is a charter listing the values and rules to be followed. In order to be certified, clubs—represented by their leadership, in particular their president—will sign a memorandum of understanding to show their commitment to implementing this charter, and the 10 basic principles arising from it, within their own organization, that is to say :


1. Be on time

2. Say hello, good-bye, and thank you

3. Listen carefully

4. Respect the instructors

 5. Follow rules

6. Take care of the equipment

7. Take care of the infrastructures

8. Have a good attitude

9. Play fair

10. Do your best


The charter’s principles will also be displayed on a large poster in a prominent location at the club.


Sport for Life will then make aware the club’s instructors about the rules to be followed and the values to be taught. The instructors will have a central role to play in successfully implementing the label, since they are the ones who will have daily contact with the children as well as the tools for sending them the right messages.


The young club members will also commit to respecting this framework. Children of all ages will be made aware of essential values that will contribute to their personal development and serve them throughout their life.